Lawn Irrigation

Healthier Lawns Make Happier Customers

RainMan Irrigation in Detroit Lakes, MN has been using top-quality custom sprinkler systems to produce beautiful, healthy lawns since 1998. For homeowners dream of a lush green carpet of grass for kids, pets and cookout guests to enjoy. Business owners project a more professional image when their lawns are green, full and healthy.  And, for our many lakefront property customers, a gorgeous lawn is a big part of what makes lake life so special. RainMan Irrigation uses Rain Bird custom irrigation products, known for their unique features and high-quality sprinkler performance.  We also offer annual service plans that provide more bang for your buck.

Protect Your Lawn from “Burnout” before Summer Arrives

Minnesota summers often bring heat, dry air, and even drought conditions that can “burnout” your lawn. This year don’t let that happen; call RainMan today and we’ll get started ensuring that your lawn stays greener, thicker and healthier all summer long!  Our office phone number is: (218) 846-0680, or feel free to use our convenient online contact form now.  RainMan Irrigation’s business hours are: Mon – Fri; 8 am – 5 pm.